Shania Twain releases new single “Poor Me”

It’s not a surprise that one of the queen’s of country music is back with new music that will be sure to blow us all away. Nearly fifteen years since her last album release, Twain is kicking it in gear with a new full length album set to release in late September. The styles of rock, country and country pop will all be showcased in the album titled “Now”. The new album will showcase her songwriting and how she connects with her audience regarding issues in life that can breakdown a persons self-esteem and worth. After going through a broken marriage and finding love again, she sets the bar high for a gut punching “I’m better off without you” message. 


Poor Me” is the second single released from her new album and according to Twain it has a double meaning. Yes, she repeats “Poor Me” as she drowns herself in her broken self-worth due to infidelity but she pulls the old switcharoo by replacing “Poor Me” with “Pour Me” as a ode that she could just drink away her problems instead of sulking in them. 

Now” will come in a standard and deluxe version with 4 bonus tracks. 

“Now” Deluxe Track List 

1. “Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed”
2. “Home Now”
3. “Light of My Life”
4. “Poor Me”
5. “Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl”
6. “More Fun”
7. “I’m Alright”
8. “Let’s Kiss and Make Up”
9. “Where Do You Think You’re Going”
10. “Roll Me on the River”
11. “We Got Something They Don’t”
12. “Because of You”
13. “You Can’t Buy Love”
14. “Life’s About to Get Good”
15. “Soldier”
16. “All in All”

Be sure to check out all updates regarding Shania’s new album via her socials 

Twitter: @shaniatwain


Instagram: @shaniatwain

YouTube: @shaniatwainVEVO




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