Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice release video for “A Little More Love”

Four months into his record deal with Curb Records, Jerrod Niemann is making things funky and cool with his best friend and tour mate Lee Brice in their new collaboration “A Little More Love”. Niemann describes the song to be “a message that the best things in life are free and are right in front of us”. It may not be all about the fortune and fame but LOVE is the root of all happiness. Niemann sat down with NashInsiders to share details about the video shoot, his relationship with Lee, and some of his favorite things to do in and around Nashville. 

NI: How did your collaboration with Lee Brice come about? 

Lee & I had been looking for music to record together for yours & he found the song in Nashville. He called me in the wee hours of the morning excited about a song he found & thought it might be “the one”. When I heard it, I was just as pumped as Lee. He was right!

NI: What’s your interpretation of “A Little More Love”? 

The message of this song is the most important element. We are being sold on a false reality everyday with ads & commercials. This song is a reminder the best things in life are free & right in front of us.

NI: What influenced your change in style for this song? 

My style of music is a continuous evolution. I try to challenge myself on every record & try to raise the bar from previous albums. This song though, is really right up my alley. Didn’t really change much.

NI: How did y’all narrow down filming locations for the music video? 

Someone said Florida, & I said sold! The song is a 3 minute vacation so we wanted the video to take you there as well.

NI: Did you and Lee ever disagree on the direction for the video? 

Lee & I have been friends for nearly 15 years. We know each other so well that we were exactly on the same page & really welcome each other’s ideas because we both know we are working together to make something we are proud of.

NI: What was the funniest moment while on set? Did either of you play tricks on each other?

We didn’t play any tricks on each other but we did play a trick on the girls in the video. The scene where we help the two ladies with a broken down car didn’t go as planned. We were supposed to stop & help them as we drove by, but Lee kept driving instead. He eventually stopped & backed up. The girls’ natural reactions were so great, we used it in the video. We all got a good group laugh out of that one.

NI: Who has been your favorite artist to collaborate with? 

Lee Brice

NI: Is there any other songs on your upcoming album that your excited about?

I know it sounds stock to say all of them, but it’s true. This album for me is special. The place I am in my life now, married to an amazing woman, on a new label making new music & recording songs with my best friend, has made this album reflect an unbelievable chapter in my life.

NI: Do you have a release date for your new album? 

Hopefully this fall!

NI: What do you enjoy most about interacting with your fans? 

Just that, the interaction. I’m so thankful for their time, support & for letting me & my music be a part of their lives. They’re the absolute best!

NI: What is your favorite Nashville hot spot? 

I still love lower Broadway. Nashville is a happening place no doubt, but I still like the old school in the downtown honkytonks.

NI: What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

My wife

NI: Describe yourself and your personality in one word 


Check out “A Little More Love” via YouTube by Jerrod Niemann ft. Lee Brice 

Follow Jerrod Niemann via Social Media for more up to date info on his upcoming album and tour with Lee Brice. 

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