Frankie Ballard – Columbus, OH

Reaching the top of the charts last year with two #1 hits – “Sunshine & Whiskey,” and “Helluva Life,” Frankie Ballard continues to make a strong appearance on his current tour – even after injuring his arm while attempting to stage dive in Houston, Texas.

Thankfully he doesn’t need his left arm to have an amazing voice.


Last Thursday night Frankie gave a fantastic performance – arm sling and all – in downtown Columbus at The Bluestone. His attempts to play an air guitar with a sling were quite entertaining throughout the night, you can say that he’s definitely one of a kind.

Coming from a small town in Michigan starting his career at local bars and clubs, he has learned what it takes to get to that #1. He is invested in his fans and strives to connect with people through his lyrics, personal interaction, and in every aspect of his performances in general.

Although The Bluestone is a more confined concert venue, Frankie mentioned before his performance, “Big concerts are great, but I really like being in smaller areas. Even though we’ve had some trouble with the sound of our band in a little church like this, I feel so much more engagement with the audience and can always count on feeling the same energy back.”


College students and Buckeye fans waited until about 10pm when Frankie finally opened the night with “Young & Crazy,” and instantly made the crowd go wild. He threw out a big “O-H” as the venue echoed back “I-O!” That’s definitely one way to create a fan base out here in Columbus, Ohio.  Following his newest single “It All Started with a Beer,” he presented a sneak peek of his brand new song “Cigarette” which will be released on his upcoming album in May!

Ballard busted a move out of the venue after the concert ended to make his way up to Chicago for another performance the next day. He will be traveling the U.S for the rest of February, and then heading to the UK and Germany for the month of March. Hopefully he will be back in action with his guitar in hand within the next few weeks!

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