31 Reasons Why We Love Sam Hunt

Today one of the hottest faces in country music turned 31. Yeah, I know 31 has never looked better on any other human…EVER. Country music has embraced Sam Hunt this year as well as every female on the planet. Come on, who doesn’t swoon over this man? So in honor of his 31st birthday, here are 31 reasons you should love Sam Hunt.

1. He isn’t afraid to take risks with his music
2. That smile
     3. That smile
      4. That smile
        5. He’s tall
        6. Those biceps
        7. He can rock a beard
         8. He looks good in this
        9. & in this
         10. Yep, this too
           11. Okay. He looks good in anything
           12. The way he interacts with his fans
           13. He looks good in a snapback
          14. He can make this hat look good
          15. His voice makes your heart happy
         16. He’s a lyrical genius
         17. His hair
          18. He’s athletic
         19. He sang with Taylor Swift, & everyone loves some T-Swift
          20. He loves his momma
         21. He has some junk in the trunk
         22. He’s unbelievable live
         23. Those eyes though
          24. He’s good with kids
          25. Did we mention those arms?
          26. He’s humble
          27. He’d look great on your wedding day
           28. He embraces being different
          29. His music is relatable
          30. He loves pizza too
         31. He makes 31 look so good, that I want to be 31

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