NASHCLUSIVE: Jake Worthington releases EP October 16th

In a market full of bro country, an emerging artist is breaking the mold for a comeback of classic country. Jake Worthington whose sound can be compared to a mix of Travis Tritt and John Michael Montgomery is set to release his self-titled EP October 16th under W3 Productions. The self-titled EP contains five handpicked songs from Worthington himself,

 “The songs all have a meaning for certain particular things in my life whether I’ve gone through the actual circumstance or I watched someone I love weather through the storm…there’s a story behind everything and a reason!” 6LcAzd61

The five songs included on the EP are 

Don’t Let The Redneck Fool You

Friends (Explains the importance of friends)

Just Keep Falling In Love

That’s When (NashInsiders personal favorite)

This Damn Memory (Jake’s song that he’s most excited for the fans to hear)

Worthington’s EP embodies the true artistry of classic country music, with classic songwriting and smooth vocals that make any country girl swoon over him. According to Worthington recording the EP was painless, he found a great group of guys whom saw his vision and worked hard to bring it to life for the fans. 

“The recording process didn’t take long at all! The fellas working over at Rosewood studios did a great job! The long process was more so getting the funds and finding the right process and path to take for the EP and my career! Luckily I found and came in touch with some great guys and gals who believe in me and have the same idea on what they want to say through my music and our success!”

In a market full of bro country, Worthington knew he had to stay true to his roots but the difficult part would be getting heard and bringing his style to light 

“There is no difficulty in the music that I play its just country music and country songs that’s all…the difficult part is that style getting heard and brought to light, with the “pop country” and “bro country” phenomenon…but none the less we are not discouraged! We are excited and I’m quite frankly absolutely proud of what I’m doing!”

Worthington made waves within the country community through the singing competition The Voice in which he gained direction from acclaimed country artist Blake Shelton whose advice has stuck with Worthington over the past couple years. 

“best advice is to be myself one hundred percent of the time, be proud of who you are and what you believe in!”

81121_735x390You can definitely tell by the quality and the trueness behind the songs on Worthington’s EP that he has taken the advice seriously. He has put his best foot forward and is bound to make an impact in the way we listen to country music. His level of matureness for his age really rounds out his music and represents the artist he truly is. One day Worthington hopes to share the stage with some of country music’s most notable artists and even makes note that if he could share the stage with a passed artist it would be George Jones. 

“of course I’d love to share the stage with George Strait but if I had my handful…it would be a fool on George Jones, Mark Chesnutt, Daryle Singletary, Mr. Strait, and Mr. Alan Jackson!”

NashInsiders is rooting for Jake Worthington. His EP is one of the best we’ve heard in a long time due to the amount of bro country that fills our radio waves today. As long as he stays true to his roots and continues wowing fans time after time with his traditional country he will become a permanent fixture in the country market. If you haven’t preordered his self-titled EP head on over to iTunes and other digital platforms now and do so! You won’t want to miss out on this gem! 

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