NASHVIEW: @DiamondRioBand releases tenth studio album “I Made It”

The distinction in the voice of lead singer Marty Roe sets this band apart from most. Popularity peaked in the 90s with their hits “Meet in the Middle”, “One More Day”, “I Believe”, “Beautiful Mess” and “Your Gone”. Diamond Rio is hitting the ground running with the release of their tenth studio album titled “I Made It”. Songs written by Ben Hayslip and Chris Stapleton are just a few that were chosen to be cut by the band. Taking to their traditional roots the album is one of a kind, carefully constructed over a two year time span. The bands piano and keys player Dan Truman explained 

“instead of cutting songs in a short amount of time, it allowed us to live with the songs and make the proper edits and decisions”

The album contains ten full length tracks including a bonus “Walking By Beauty”

  1. I Love This Song (Written by: Jeffrey Steele and Marcel Chagnon)
  2. Ride This Range (Written by: Bobby Terry and Catt Gravitt) unnamed
  3. I Made It (Written by: Jimmy Olander, Josh Shilling, and Michael Dulaney)
  4. I Cant Of Anything But You (Written by: Skip Ewing, David Fertitta, and Allan Dennis Rich)
  5. Crazy Life (Written by: Peter Kevin Fisher)
  6. Beckett’s Back Forty Acres (Written by: Ashley Corley, Matthew Rossi, and Hugh Bryan Simpson)
  7. Lay Your Lovin’ On Me (Written by: Ben Hayslip and Jimmy Yeary)
  8. Findin’ My Way Back Home (Written by: Craig Wiseman and Chris Stapleton)
  9. If You’re Willing (Written by: Jason Sellers and Stewart Harris)
  10. I’ll Wait For You (Written by: Shane Minor, Shannon Brown, and Joshua Stevens
  11. Walking By Beauty (Written by: Patrick Jason Matthews and Jason White) *BONUS

After listening to the album “Findin’ Your Way Home”, “I’ll Wait For You” and “I Made It” are by far the works of musical geniuses. 

  • Findin’ My Way Home is a story about enduring experiences that may have not worked out for the best but as a person your always finding your way back to your roots. 
  • I’ll Wait For You is a story about the love between a couple, though there are troubles within the relationship, the man will always be waiting for her to come back. 
  • I Made It goes through the artists’ musical journey about making it in Nashville, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the love of his/her life supporting their significant others dream. 

10931118_10153164160596284_9096272329936561551_n“I Made It” is sure to fill the void we have had since their last studio album and it was well worth the wait. Exceeding all expectations for artists’ from the past and boosting their music back into the Nashville spotlight. All with the help of their label Rio Hot Records. If your looking for an album far from your typical mainstream country, this album is a refreshing breath of air. 

You can grab a copy of “I Made It” HERE or on various online platforms. 

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