NASHVIEW: @eliyoungband sells out the @musicfarm in Charleston, SC

Talk about one hell of a show…bringing the heat and casting it upon their fans left us sweating for more. One More Song..One More Song..One More Song was chanted as fans raised their drinks to the “Drunk Last Night” singers of the Eli Young Band for an encore. The night was filled with beer, jager and great music. The sold out crowd was electrifying and you could feel the intensity.  image1

The band performed “Drink You Up” to get the party started and ended with “Crazy Girl” which contributed to their much deserved success. In between, they played well known country favorites “Dust On The Bottle”(David Lee Murphy) and the”Thunder Rolls”(Garth Brooks). They even showcased their version of the Andy Grammar hit “Honey I’m Good”. 

The complete setlist included: 

Drink You Up

Revelations (New Song)

10,000 Towns

Honey I’m Good

Dust On The Bottle

When It Rains

Thunder Rolls

Breaks Your Heart (Follow your dreams ALWAYS)

Turn It On

Love Songs

Prayer For The Road (Dedicated to those serving in the United States Military and First Responders)

Drunk Last Night

Your Place or Mine (Other side of the story of Drunk Last Night as explained by Mike Eli)

Crazy Girl

ENCORE (STK, Joker, Long) image2

The Eli Young Band definitely showed everybody last night the reason why they are where they are today. It was one of the best shows i’ve attended in quite some time. So if you are wanting to have a great concert experience check out the Eli Young Band at a VENUE near you. Also check them out on social media below:

Check out pictures HERE!


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