NASHVIEW: @ChuckWicks Live at Red’s Ice House

Talk about a night. I’m a huge Chuck Wicks fan….LIKE HUGE so every time he comes to Charleston, SC it’s always a treat. This makes the third time I’ve seen him live and he continues to amaze me with his good looks and talent. My night started out a little crappy because work wouldn’t let me off early so I was afraid I was going to miss the show…but thankfully it was a blessing in disguise. A friend and I headed down to Red’s at about 6, when we arrived it was PACKED and it was an hour wait just to sit outside which was fine since Chuck didn’t go on til 8. As we began to wait our buzzer went off about twenty minutes later, when they took us to our seats it was inside though i wanted outside seating, I shouldn’t have been complaining too much since I managed to glance to my right to see Chuck and his band eating right beside us. LIKE WHAT? After they were done and they got up we politely asked him for a picture which he gladly took with us. 11813356_868393863254746_3077157862352980339_n

At about 8, Chuck headed to the stage and began his set. This man can sing his heart out. He had the crowd going wild and he definitely has a great sense of humor. He was cracking jokes with fans and also invited one up on stage with him to sing a cover of Garth Brook’s “Friends in Low Places”. He performed his most notable songs like “All I Ever Wanted” “Stealing Cinderella” and his newest single “I Don’t Do Lonely Well” which was also cut by Jason Aldean on his “Night Train” album. 

I’m literally still in awe at why this man hasn’t made it as big as Luke Bryan or any other mainstream male country artist. He’s got the talent, he’s got the looks and he’s got the amazing personality. 

Check out a few pics from last night’s performance HERE!

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