NASHDOWNLOAD: @terriclarkmusic’s “I Cheated On You”

Terri Clark is no stranger to hit songs and her new song “I Cheated On You” is bound to turn some heads. The song tells the story of a woman coming home from a one night stand, her boyfriend/husband begins to question her about her infidelity. She knocks him down with her words by stating 

I coulda chose wine but I chose whiskey
I coulda had one but I got tipsy
Why bring a knife when you got a gun
And I ain’t sorry for what I’ve done
When I found out that you were cheating
I coulda got mad but I got even
I did what the ticked off told me to
I took it downtown and I cheated on you

Whoever thought two wrongs don’t make a right?

The song is written by Nashville singer/songwriter Brandy Clark best known for songs she’s written for Kacey Musgraves (Follow Your Arrow) and Reba McEntire (She Got Drunk Last Night). This is why “I Cheated On You” is NashInsiders NashDownload of the week!

Download via iTunes


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